Bright Future Computers provide an all-in-one business solution.


  • Consultancy

  • Planning and design

  • Installation

  • Integration

  • Testing

  • Maintenance and support

  • Thin client systems and servers



Bright Future Computers are not a huge national organisation, but our professional and friendly consultants have many years of experience working in various industries and solving a wide range of problems.

Whatever you need, we can help you. We can help you to work smarter, faster, better.

Efficient staff with the right tools to do the job are happy and productive staff.We can help you and your business grow.

Planning and design

Your computer systems in your business are almost always critical for the way you operate.

In days of old, it was reasonably simple to switch back to pen and paper if the office computer failed.

These days, the only thing that you can reasonably do with pen and paper is note the enquiry and caller details and promise a return call when you can access the computer again.


Your business system becomes a lifeline. Storing your customer details, working practices, Human resources.. pretty much everything.  So, when a computer fails, it can be disastrous.


Many companies split up business functions to different departments, each of which may have a dedicated PC. This causes less of an impact when an individual computer fails, but still takes the relevant department back a few steps. Planning is everything in a business system.


Just call us and have a chat. Tell us what you are having problems with or trying to achieve.



Our professional approach to installation puts you first.

We will work around you.

During the planning phase, we will discuss how best to install your new systems to cause as little disruption as possible.

Sometimes, this means migrating one person at a time. If that is what you need, then that is how we will work with you.

Our aim: Efficiency – Interruption = Effective.



Almost every business system is different.  Bright Future Computers have worked with many diverse industries including:

  • Social worker training academy

  • Care services

  • Commercial property management agents

  • Lighting specialists

  • Accountancy services

  • Engineering, both precision and heavy

  • Chemist shop chain


During our work with some of these companies, we have familiarised ourselves with many types of systems.

Though our favourite method of improving systems is a client/server configuration, we sometimes find that specific requirements lead to significant design changes.

Such diversity leads to a far greater wealth of knowledge.

In turn, leading to solutions that fit requirements.



One thing that will not happen is installation and then disappear.

We will stay with the finished project to test and test again, with all users of the system to ensure that everyone is familiar with the new technologies installed.

We call it hand-holding.

When everyone is happy and working well, we will depart.

We will however make ourselves available to you for the days after the installation. Assuring you a priority service in case of teething troubles.Which leads us on to….


Maintenance and support

Invariably, you will want to make sure that your newly installed system is protected and regularly and professionally maintained.

Bright Future Computers only install industry leading brands such as Dell servers and workstations or Wyse (now Dell) thin clients.

We use these systems as they are tried and tested and designed to perform day in – day out.

We do encourage a low cost monthly support contract, but it is absolutely not a requirement.

The benefits of such a contract are a proactive maintenance system carried our regularly and remotely for your Server (if installed).

One site visit each month (should it be required) is included in our entry level contracts. Higher contracts cover more visits should they be required.

Hardware is charged at cost in all instances.


So, in a nutshell, that’s how we look after you and your business needs.

Call us and take advantage of a free consultation.

You may well be glad you did.