If it's not listed below, ask us. You would be surprised by what we are capable of.

Here is a summary of the services that we offer on a daily basis. For more information, please see the dedicated page for that service.

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Virus, malware, adware and spyware removal.
Worcestershire computer specialists

Everyone fears viruses. We will rid you of them.  Many of them cause disruption and in certain cases cause DOS (Denial of service).
DOS can be limited to stopping you getting online, or in worst case scenarios, encrypting all of your valuable files (Cryptolocker or variants of). Whatever they may be, from the humble but infuriating pop-ups, you don't want them.
IF you are unlucky enough to already have them, we can help you. It's our speciality.
Prevention of them, is our other speciality.

Business systems. Thin clients, servers, networks and cloud.
Worcestershire computer specialists

We use Dell servers in most cases. Simply because they are still widely regarded as the best for the job at hand. Wyse (Dell again) thin clients for the end users and you have a centralised system with very little maintenance required. Unified applications, unified centralised storage make day-to-day running simplicity itself.
Tie in some cloud services such as AVG Online backup and antispam services and you have a self sufficient everyday system which demands almost no intervention from your IT people.

Domestic services

Worcestershire computer specialists

Unsurprisingly, the domestic sector is much harder to maintain. Most business systems are used to do a specific job.
Most domestic systems end up doing allsorts. Gaming, social, photograph editing, video editing, downloading and playing music and videos and very much more.

So the domestic PC gets a much harder life in general. Add users who want to download things from the internet to enhance social platforms and you have a recipie for things to go wrong.
Worry not though. We fix that sort of thing.

Laptop screen replacement

Worcestershire computer specialists

On a recent visit to a well known large PC store, one of our customers (Who wasn't then, but is now) took her daughters laptop in to be repaired with a damaged screen.
She was quoted £80 non-refundable, just to send it away and get it looked at. Plus an estimated additional £120 for it to be replaced.
We got talking to her and she was clearly not at all happy. Especially when the technician told her it could be away for up to 6 weeks.
She decided against the repair.

So we offered to help. 
Two days later, she had the laptop back with a replaced screen (Grade A).

The bill... Less than half of the original amount.
That's why broken screens come to Bright Future Computers.

Sorry, we are unable to replace screens for Apple products.

Batteries and chargers

Worcestershire computer specialists

Elsewhere on this site, you can find information about sub-standard batteries and chargers. (Click the image above)
At Bright Future Computers, we only sell top quiality batteries and chargers. Either original equipment or compatible and built to the exact specification of the manufacturer.
You simply cannot gamble with Litium ion batteries.  Under normal usage and normal approved charging, they are safe and get the job done well.
The cheap chinese imports are the ones to avoid, They are built extremely cheaply, do not perform as well as the originals (or ours) and run the risk of overheating and leakage.
And in some cases fire.
Chargers are equally as important. They must give a balanced charge, the right voltage and the right current in order to keep the battery healthy and safe.


Data recovery and other services

Worcestershire computer specialists

Data recovery services. 
We can offer fairly basic recovery options. If your drive powers up and can be detected by our recovery equipment, there's a strong chance that we can retrieve your valuable data.
If the drive cannot be detected or does not power up, you will need to send it to a dedicated recovery centre. Be prepared to pay a lot when this type of recovery is needed.
Our prices are just a fraction of theirs.


The best answer is to backup your information. That way, hopefully you will never need this service.


If you need something and we don't show it on this site, please call us and ask. We may be able to help.