Exceptional remote support.


Remote support is the way forward. It's simple. It's convenient and it's cheaper than having to take your computer in to a repair shop.

You have a problem that you need help with, you have a few options. You can try to fix it yourself. Or, you can take your computer to a specialist (like us) to have it fixed for you.
Now, you have another option. You can take advantage of our remote support service.

Just call us on 01527 832120, click the image above and this should start the download of 'BFC_Support.exe'
When the file is downloaded, Call us first and then run it. We can then connect to your PC and assist you!  Of course, we will guide you through the installation.

Worcestershire computer specialists
Nasty things

If your computer becomes infected or plagued by pop-ups, we can almost always fix it with our vast array of tools. We transfer them to your computer and then scan your computer from afar. We use only industry recognised utilities and scanners to perform infection removal.

Our award-winning Webroot Secure Anywhere business-class antivirus is available to you should you wish to purchase it.
It has so much power and protection, it is literally all the protection you could wish for.

Worcestershire computer specialists
Remote desktop

Once connected, we will be able to control your computer as though we were there with you. You will see everything that we do.

And, of course, you can trust us. We are not 'Microsoft Technical Support' or 'your broadband provider'.
We are here to help you and that's all.
Our reputation was cemented over many years of appearing on both the late and great Ed Doolan's radio programme and also on Danny Kelly's show until new management changed the show's layout.

Worcestershire computer specialists
Because I'm happy!

When all of our work is done, your PC should be happy, virus, malware, adware and spyware free. It should have no more pesky pop-ups, no browser hijacks. It should run smoother and faster.
Happy PC, happy owner.
The best part.... Your PC never had to leave the house.

Worcestershire computer specialists
You are secure and safe

Be assured that for our remote support to function, you must initiate the connection to us. We are unable to initiate a connection to you unless you specifically tell us that you require unattended access. Then, you must change the setting at your PC. It is impossible for us or anyone else to connect to your computer.

This makes this system very secure and safe to operate.